2024/01/20 - Powder Room Wallpapering - Brisbane

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Yes you can Wallpaper a Powder Room

Even the smallest room of the home can have its own personality



Nina Hancock Stonyhurst Wallpaper taking pride of place in this beautiful Powder Room.

Not all walls need to be wallpapered. Strategically choosing feature areas allows you to enjoy the contrast of the design against painted walls. It’s a great way to add visual interest without overwhelming the entire space.

Using specially formulated acrylic sealants is an excellent idea when wishing to preserve a wallpaper in a wet area. These sealants are designed specifically for wallpaper and serve multiple purposes.

When placed near basins or areas prone to splashes, the sealant shields the wallpaper from any accidental spills or water droplets. Applying the sealant allows you to wipe down the wallpaper easily. This is especially beneficial for high-traffic areas or spaces where cleaning is essential.The sealant also safeguards the joins and edges of the wallpaper, ensuring longevity and preventing any peeling or damage.


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