Feng Shui for Curtains  - 12th March 2016

Feng Shui For Curtains is an important aspect of any house. During daytime curtains should be pulled back. However at night keep all curtains closed. It is very bad luck to have an exposed window looking into the black night. Blinds should only be of natural material such as wood, Cotton, Linen fabrics. Chi filtering through blinds will take on the resonance of the blind colour. Curtains that hang limply each side of a window are bad feng shui. Curtains should have a little curve to them. Curtains should reach to the floor. When the curtains are drawn together there should be a generous amount of fabric hanging in pleats and folds. Curtains should be kept clean. Curtains should also match the seasons. Heavy fabrics for winter and lighter fabrics for summer. Plastic rings are bad feng shui. Always use natural products. Curtains should also open and close easily.

This is easily done by having your Winter curtains and your Summer curtains. For summer you can use light sheers with seperate Linings for blocking the heat and for privacy, in winter put a fabric curtain on the front and shift the sheer to the back track and pack the linning away for the next summer or have two linning in different colours to add interest to your room.

Good Curtains for Summer

Great for Summer

Wonderful Winter Curtains

Wonderful Winter curtains

Blinds great for all seasons

Good solution for all seasons


14th October 2015

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Barbary Toile

A cotton toile in painterly monochrome pays amusing hommage to the monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar.


14th August 2015


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