All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive - S

All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive - S

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All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive - S
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BARTOLINE All Puprose Wallpaper Adhesive

Description: Suitable for all types of wallpaper, easy to mix formula, more slide and extra strength. In powder form and requires mixing with water to use. Instructions are included on the packet.

Features: Packet contains 100 grams and hangs up to approximately 5 rolls of wallpaper. This is up to approximately 25 square metres of wall area.

Made in the England

For Normal Wallpapers Including Woodhip

For Vinyl Wallcoverings, Washable and Novamura

For Blown Vinyl Wallcoverings

For Embossed Papers (eg Anagylpta)

For Paste the Walls

For Polystyrene Tiles In Stock