Callista - 7 Designs

The Ivory Tower - fabric and wallpaper, buy online or shop Nundah Wallpaper shop, 1179 Sandgate Rd, Nundah Brisbane Australia
Harlequin brings you Callista Wallpaper
 Their first collection with Clarissa Hulse, Kallianthi, was a big hit and they are thrilled to team up with her again. For Callista, which means ‘most beautiful’ in Ancient Greek, we have created an enticing and entrancing collection of wallpaper, woven fabrics and printed silks. The delightful wallpaper collection makes an impact both individually and when used in conjunction with the beautiful fabrics. Clarissa’s love for colour is reflected in the Callista collection, where rich emerald, moss and forest greens are introduced to complement her trademark shades of kingfisher, neon pink, paprika, slate, turmeric and zinc.