Hottest Trends for 2018-19

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2018-19 brings a new way of using colours and shades. The big trend is pastels used as new neutrals, we are moving from the rich jewel tones and strong hues of the 2018s into the softer pastels for 2019 - the new pales. Milky ice-cream colors will be layered and used on walls and accessories to replace white in a more confident way of decorating. To be complemented by warm and soft hues, such as terracotta and chocolate, and nude ones such as beige and mushroom.
This return to pastel colors goes together with a new retro flavour with a Seventies twist that is clear in the soft shades and big structures of the latest furniture collection. Metals, like gold and brass, are still confirmed as key materials for accents, together with patterns and textures like the marble and terrazzo ones. But everything comes together in a new whole mood that is softer, brighter and toned down.