Mineral Grey

Mineral Grey

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Grey was already announced as one of the color trends for 2017. The dark hues of this neutral will be featured in the most stunning home interiors, helping to bring a touch of sobriety and even class to the room decoration. And, as a neutral colour, mineral grey can be combined in lounges or fabrics in home interiors, like on the sofa design and a rug for a modern living room.

Another option is to use Mineral Grey on the room decoration is on the walls in a beautiful wallpaper. You may think it will make the space too dark, but if you create different points of light – it can be a table lamp or even a white rug – it will create contrast and make a beautiful and very elegant room design.

Colour Psycology: Mineral Grey

A Grey interior gives a formality that is subtle elegance without being too conservative. A Grey colour effect depends very much on the colour shade that you will use. For example, if grey has a yellow tint it may be depressed, especially if you have things in the room in various shades of brown. But a beautiful shade of grey, in combination with a soft shade of white, can create a clean and refreshing appearance. If you have too many grey areas it will dominant and create a boring environment.